Itching to find out if he loves me  

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

I have a boyfriend and things have been moving on smoothly with us without sex until recently when I came across a young graduate who has completed his national service and living in the same vicinity with me.

This gentleman looks unfriendly when viewed from afar but he is down- to- earth and loves all people.

Additionally, he is serviceable and ever willing to give a helping hand no matter the type of work.

In view of this, I always call him whenever I am in dire need of as­sistance and I have taken him as my sibling.

Though he is good to me, he has never proposed to me but keeps on calling me “My love”.

He is such a caring and nice gentleman and my instinct tells me to find out from him whether he is interested in me, but my friends told me not to draw his attention to that because they believe he is doing this from his heart.

I am not convinced because when I checked his messages this evening, he has expressed his appreciation to me for all that I have been doing over the period. I sometimes go to his house and prepare food for him and he appreciates all that I do and tells me he loves me.

I would like to find out from him if he is interested in me because he is the shy-looking type who will always like to keep himself from trouble. When it comes to worse I will simply back out of getting close to him, though he is of immense assistance to me.

My boyfriend too has a lot on his hands so I don’t want to worry him sometimes. What should I do?

Ama, Tema.

Dear Ama,

Some people hardly talk openly express their feelings in public no matter the promptings or tempta­tions that they are confronted with.

Your situation can be likened to an open race type for which you have to study the two gentlemen thoroughly and possibly wait for the opportune time to take decision.

Once you have not received any response from the new gentleman to know his intention or what he feels about you, there is every reason to maintain your composure. Equally es­sential is the need to be careful with your friends since not everyone will be sincere in the pieces of advice they will give.

Inasmuch as it is important to tread cautiously and let time be a determining factor in this case, you ought to play your cards in a dip­lomatic manner in order to get the best person out of the two.

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