It’s getting murkier, we must sit up!

It has been nearly three months since the country recorded its first coronavirus case on March 13, 2020. Since then, the numbers kept trickling in with over 17,741 infections recorded as of Monday June, 30 2020.

The recoveries which stand around 13,000 sound encouraging but the increasing number of new cases, almost on a daily basis, is still causing some anxiety in the country.

A major concern which keeps popping up, however, is that of frontline health workers who lament over the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and inadequate testing kits.

According to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), results of patients sometimes arrive between seven to 10 days after samples are taken — a situation which the association admits, does not augur well for case management.

Our country’s death rate compared with those reported in other jurisdictions is relatively low. But the fact remains that a significant number of committed health workers across the country continue to lose their lives in the line of duty.

As we battle the active cases, sections of the public believe that there could be more positive cases in the population apart from the figures so far confirmed.

Despite the dangers posed by COVID-19 pandemic, citizens are still going about their normal duties along with political acclamations and other activities geared towards election 2020. Some individuals are complacent and, therefore, decide where and when to wear their face  masks.

Presently, with about 117 recorded deaths, the pandemic has proven that it is no respecter of persons. Our hearts go out to families who have lost their loved ones in these trying times.

In view of the fact that majority of the populace seem to have thrown caution to the wind, The Spectator wishes to call for the imposition of more stringent measures to ensure the mandatory wearing of nose and face masks.

We believe this would instill discipline in certain areas, especially in the Greater Accra Region where the cases keep rising.

It is also pertinent to protect the lives of our frontline health workers and all individuals actively involved in the fight against COVID-19. Those in charge should, as a matter of urgency, release PPE to the health facilities for a “stitch in time saves nine”.

Factories that are producing the equipment need to set up their game. If we must open additional testing centres across the country to fast-track the release of test results, the better it would be for us.

While at it, authorities must go the extra mile to enforce social distancing at the voter registration centres as the crowd-control measures witnessed recently leave much to be desired.

We pray that an antidote to the pandemic is found soon as the nation gears up for the polls in December 7, amidst COVID-19.

Everything points to the fact that our version of the coronavirus pandemic is getting murkier, but if we keep playing the ostrich, the reality of the disease will expose us all.

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