Jarred Winn is Calling on Everyone to Do Their Part and Help the World at Large

<strong>Jarred Winn is Calling on Everyone to Do Their Part and Help the World at Large</strong>

Giving money to charities you believe in is one of the best ways to impact the world and create change. However, many people forget how good it makes them feel unless they’re prompted to give by an outside source. Jarred Winn is a renowned cryptocurrency advisor who is calling on all crypto investors to give back.

Jarred Winn is the CEO of Winn.solutions, which helps crypto projects grow beyond the steepest barriers-to-entry in the blockchain space. He started this job after his tenure as the Senior Vice President at Binance. While at Binance, he focused on increasing the crypto community’s involvement in philanthropic efforts. One of his largest projects was #CryptoAgainstCOVID, which raised more than $10 million at its peak. “With the money we’d raised, we’d donated more than two million items of PPE and critical medical equipment across 41 countries,” said Jarred Winn. “It’s a dream come true to be able to have made this much of a difference.” The #CryptoAgainstCOVID also partnered with UNICEF as part of the UN-led COVAX program, the world’s most extensive vaccine equality program. “Simply because you live in a more impoverished country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the vaccine, masks, or other vital medical equipment,” said Jarred Winn. “Crypto knows no barriers, and neither should philanthropy.”

Jarred Winn believes philanthropy is one of the critical things for us to turn our attention to in 2022 and beyond. “Greed may be inherent in human nature, but so is the desire to help others in need,” said Jarred Winn. “Sense of belonging to a community and giving back is part of what makes us human.” However, he thinks that in order for individuals to feel encouraged to donate, that they need full transparency on their impact and that blockchain is the solution. “An unfortunate component is that corruption doesn’t stray far from opportunity,” said Jarred Winn. “Trust isn’t binary, but code is. Blockchain will provide that peace of mind in knowing that a donation can reach the last mile.”

Whether you can give $5 or $5 million, Jarred Winn believes that everyone can make a difference in the world, it’s simply a matter of delivery to the last mile.

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