Join me in another ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ vigil – Yvonne Nelson appeals

Join me in another ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ vigil – Yvonne Nelson appeals

Ghanaian actress and producer Yvonne Nelson has made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to join her on another #DumsorMustStop vigil.

It would be recalled that in 2015, during the height of Ghana’s energy crisis, the actress, together with some influencers, mobilised Ghanaians for a massive #DumsorMustStop vigil.

Consequently, following recent power challenges, she threw an open invitation to Imani Ghana, who joined her effortlessly in 2015, to partner her again for another one.

In a letter dated April, 30, posted on her Twitter, Yvonne Nelson wrote “Dear Ghanaians, It is with a heavy heart and deep concern for the welfare of our dear nation that I address the resurgence of the power crisis, commonly known as Dumsor, in Ghana.”

According to her, as a proud Ghanaian and advocate for positive change, she never anticipated the return of such a debilitating issue, let alone another prolonged duration.

Yvonne Nelson said, back in 2015, with the support of Imani Ghana’s Kofi Bentil, Prince David Osei, D Black, Van Vicker, Efya, Sarkodie, Barima Sidney and DKB among others, she spearheaded the DumsorMustStop Campaign, aimed at holding our leaders accountable for the inadequate electricity supply plaguing our nation. Together, we rallied for change and demanded action from the government of the time, despite facing significant challenges and opposition.

She added in her letter “Fast forward to today, and it is disheartening to witness the return of Dumsor, casting a shadow over our progress and development as a nation. I never imagined that we would find ourselves in this situation once again, and the fact that it persists for another long period is truly alarming.”

“In light of these troubling developments, 1 have taken to social media to reach out to Imani Ghana, who supported the initial DumsorMustStop Campaign, to explore the possibility of organising another vigil. We must come together once again to demand accountability and action from our leaders,” she said.

According to her, “I am aware that since the 2015 campaign, some individuals including Kofi Bentil who supported us on the legal front from Imani Ghana have now aligned themselves with the current


Read the full letter below

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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