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 Dating Joke

A boy went to his dad

Boy: “Dad, I found a girl I really like and would love to date.”

Dad: “Really? Who is she?”

Boy: “The neighbor’s daughter”

Dad: “Oh, you can’t date her”

Boy: “Why not Dad?”

Dad: “Don’t tell anyone, she is your sister”

The boy returned after some days.

Boy: “Dad, I have found someone else. This time around, she is prettier than the first one.”

Dad: “Who is she?”

Boy: “The other neighbor’s daughter”

Dad: “Oh no! You can’t date her, she is also your sister” This went on for sometime but ended with same response from his dad. So one day, the boy got angry and went to tell his mum.

Boy: “Mum, dad said I cannot date any of the neighbors’ daughters because they are my sisters.

Mum hugs the boy affectionately and said- “Boy, you can date whomever ever you want, don’t worry, he is not your father”

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