Kaneval by Perbi Cubs ‘Literacy Month’ Launched

Kaneval by Perbi Cubs ‘Literacy Month’ Launched

Perbi Cubs, an Ed Tech company that promotes literacy, has launched ‘Literacy Month’ in Gana.

The initiative which took place on September 1, 2023 at AMA forecourt was in partnership with the Accra

Metropolitan Assembly.

Speaking to TheSpectatoronline.com, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Perbi Cubs Mrs.Anyele Perbi said, following Ghana’s selection as UNESCO Book Capital, there was a need for an event to provide the needed transformational literary experience.

This forms part of activities in celebration of the acknowledgement and projection of the Kaneval reading campaign.

Against this backdrop, they decided to bring fun to reading this September known as Literacy Month.

According to her, this is celebrated every month to bring awareness to the fact that literacy is important and leads to success.

She revealed that they are engaging in a series of activities at the AMA Forecourt to engage all and sundry to let them know the importance of reading.

“There would be some giveaways to participants from Mondays to Thursdays, as we engage in activities such as quizzes, face painting, bouncy castle, hard copy books and digital library among others. I urged the general public to partake in the local language reading contest,” she said.

Perbi Cubs provides an evidence-based, cost-effective reading programme that produces proficient readers, using a combination of in-school programmes and a digital platform with thousands of books accessible to children anywhere.

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