‘Kidney health for all’

‘Kidney health for all’

World Kidney Day is observed every second Thursday in March. This year’s date is March 10. The goal of the day is to promote awareness of how vital our kidneys are to our overall health. It aims to also decrease the prevalence and impact of kidney disease and its effects on people around the world.

In honour of World Kidney Day, the theme for this year is “Kidney Health for All.”. Through increased kidney care education and public awareness, the campaign will attempt to bridge knowledge gaps to improve kidney health. Knowledge of the kidney’s vital role, as well as simple preventive measures, can help reduce the unnecessarily high morbidity and mortality rates.

Functions of the Kidneys

The kidneys’ job is to:

  • filter the blood by removing waste from it.
  • control the body’s fluid balance
  • keep the right levels of electrolyte
  • release hormones.
  • help control blood pressure.
  • produce Vitamin D for strong healthy bones.
  • aid in blood production by producing red blood cells.

How to Protect the Kidneys

Your kidneys work tirelessly for you every single day. It’s important to focus on these things that make a big difference to them in order to take good care of them.

  • Keep your blood pressure in check.
  • Maintain a healthy blood glucose level if you have diabetes otherwise, it could create problems for your kidneys.
  • Take your medications as directed. Follow your doctor’s instructions or those on the package. Take precautionary measures if you use medicine for a long period of time that can damage your kidneys, including over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen and prescription medications like lithium and HIV medications. (Street drugs like cocaine can cause kidney disease, too.)
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly.
  • Check your salt intake. Reduce sodium intake.
  • Drink plenty of water but do not overdo it.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Visit the hospital regularly for checkups.

Approximately 40 times a day, all the blood in your body passes through the kidneys, so it’s crucial to keep them healthy.


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