KRIF Ghana to reward loyal customers, offer half-price at 2024 exhibition

KRIF Ghana to reward loyal customers, offer half-price at 2024 exhibition

KRIF Ghana Limited, leading distributors of office stationary and equipment, will reward loyal customers at an awards and product exhibition scheduled for Wednesday 24, January, 2024 at the British Council in Accra.

The award and related activities, according to Rev Kennedy Okosun, Executive Chairman of KRIF Ghana, is to recognise customers who have stayed loyal to the brand for the past 38 years.

“In 38 years, it is the goodwill of our customers that has kept us going. We are rewarding customers for what they buy and for the partnership.

“There are customers who are partners but are not shareholders in this business. We believe the time has come to reward all those who support us direct and indirectly,” he stated.

He said some customers have over the years acted voluntarily as brand ambassadors of the company, and continued to transact business even the height of COVID-19, and therefore deserve commendation.

Rev Okosun said the awards and exhibition will also allow customers purchase all range of products at half-price, adding the award for loyal customers will be held in January and July every year.

“At all times, we represent quality; we put at the disposal of our customers to top-notch products as we represent 26 different award-winning brands from America, Japan, Germany, Denmark and other countries,” he added, stressing that customers who invest in KRIF Ghana products tend to get value for money.

“Publicly, we want to shake hands with say well done for all the support they give and we expect that the relationship will last a lifetime.

“It is about recognising the collaborative spirit that exists between us and our customers. We value the insight an unwavering support they provide in shaping our products and services,” Rev Okosun noted.

With over three decades of excellent service delivery, he said the company will continue to improve on its achievements in the years ahead.

By Spectator Reporter

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