Kudos to Electoral Commission

The performance of the Electoral Commission (EC) during the December 7, 2020, presidential and parliamentary elections shows that the election management body performed creditably well not only to the admiration of Ghanaians but the world as a whole.

The impressive performance of the Commission started long before the elections in December 2020.

During the registration of voters, the Commission provided regular updates to the electorate to make them aware of what was going on. These updates provided useful information to everyone in this country.

Under what was known as “Let the citizens know”, the Commission provided regular information on the registration, pointing out the number of people registered in various parts of the country. In fact, by the end of the exercise people had an idea as to what the total number of registered voters would be.

During the voting, in December, the EC provided more service points at the polling stations to reduce such time. This also helped to reduce the frustrations of people during voting exercises. Indeed, many voters expressed their joy at the 2020 general elections claiming that the experience encountered, was the best compared with previous ones.

Additionally, there was continuous engagement of the EC with political parties. This was prior to the election itself. The openness on the part of the Commission provided a high degree of transparency for the exercise.

Again, the voting machines worked efficiently and effectively. This also helped to speed up the process, an undeniable fact acknowledged by both local and international observers.

What is more, the tallying of the election results was done smoothly as was confirmed by various observer groups, namely, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Observer Mission, African Union Mission and the European Union (EU) Team. Another group that monitored the election was the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO).

All these observer groups confirmed that the entire process, that is, the start of voting, the general conduct of the election officials, the ending of the voting and the counting, was highly satisfactory.

Ghanaians must take pride in this successful exercise and share in the glory with each and everyone in the country, knowing the exercise has been successful because of the contributions of all stakeholders.

Last but not least, the provision of materials for the protection of voters in line with the COVID-19 safety protocols requires special commendations.

Before the registration of voters and the voting, some political elements in the country threatened mayhem and stated that the exercise would be a failure, because, according to them, the COVID-19 pandemic would worsen matters and infect many people. They, therefore, called on the EC not to undertake the exercise.

The Spectator is grateful that the exercise has been successful to the admiration of Ghanaians, local election observers as well as the international community.

Kudos to Mrs Jean Mensa, the other Commissioners and, indeed, the entire Electoral Commission as well as all other well-meaning Ghanaians.

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