l suspect she has secret lover

l am a 28-year- old  trader and my girlfriend is 25 years old selling  pastries; we have been together for two years without sex.

Though she is a pretty lady who visits me during the day and does my household chores, she does not come close to my house in the night. According to her, we should stay away from sex until we get married.

She is generous and has provided me with many gifts, especially my basic needs and sometimes gives me money when l complain that l have no money.

I have proposed to her and she has accepted to marry me, however, a friend told me that she has a boyfriend in their area who she visits always.

This has confirmed my suspicion that she has a secret lover for which reason she has refused to visit me in the night and probably comfort my bed.

 Because of her behaviour, l am planning to pick someone who will satisfy me sexually. Should l go ahead in carrying out my plan?

Mark, Kintampo.

Dear Mark,

Marriage is a life-long process which demands careful consideration and should not be based on sex alone but needs tact and diplomacy to succeed.

Her decision not to visit you in the night is probably to prevent premarital sex since you are not yet married.

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