Lamar Berko: Translating love for jewellery into big business

Lamar Berko: Translating love for jewellery into big business

Growing up, Ghanaian entrepreneur Lamar Berko had a love for jewellery which has endured till today and has seen him become a top jeweller.

Lamar, who is based in the UK, runs LB Jewellers which caters to clients from around the world.

In an interview recently, he indicated that coming from humble beginnings, he was self-motivated and that has pushed him to success in the jewellery industry.
“Motivation I believe was just me. I say that because as a young boy I loved jewellery, fashion is an integral part of me. My uncle trusted me to sell his watch that I was fascinated about. Though he didn’t believe I could sell it because it was expensive, I did.

“From then, he gave me more watches to sell. I realised I had to expand, so I used social media to promote my business,” he said.

According to Lamar Berko, building the LB Jewellers brand has not been an easy journey. “Building the brand till now has been a lot of hard work, burning the midnight oil, humility, honesty and the fear of God.”

Speaking on how he is making it as an African in such a global industry, Lamar Berko said, “Though I have never been about race it was interesting to find out most people would rather purchase from others even though they know your product is good because you are new in the industry.

“It was very disheartening to find out people did not want to believe in my brand. And it’s not just me, it happens to a lot of new business owners. I decided not to let the system define me or my future. So I pushed, I invested in advertising and I made sure my quality and service was beyond what people were used to,” he said.
While the people who patronise his jewellery seem to be mainly successful people, Lamar said he does not have preferences when it comes to his clientele.

“I am not biased when it comes to my clients, I am very open. My clients mostly find me. I believe successful people seek to have the best things in life. They work hard for their money so they believe in quality and durability,” he stated.

The 28-year-old is an example of how when young people are trusted and encouraged, they can do great things.

Lamar is of Ghanaian descent and has already started extending a hand to help with the development of the youth in Ghana.  

He is a supporter and main sponsor of Ghana’s Greengen FC. His main focus is to unearth and promote young talents to become great.

He concluded that LB Jewellers is passionate about Africa and will continue to provide quality service to its growing clientele.


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