Lest we forget! (2)

The COVID-19 cases in Ghana is growing by the day and this is quite worrying, especially with the lockdown eased. We really need to fight hard after our current figures of 11,000-plus confirmed cases, more than 4,000 recoveries, and over 50 deaths.

I have been pointing out why we all need to take the necessary precautions to avoid infections and spread of the virus. 

Indeed, we need to be doing more to help reduce infections and the spread. The infections should not be increasing. We should do our best to reduce the rates.

I think there are certain things we should never ignore or take for granted, which we sadly seem to be ignoring. 


I have read some reports that many people seem to be ignoring or have relaxed on the safety protocols. 

People are no more practising social distancing and have not been wearing the face/nose masks. Do they care a hoot about their own health and that of others?

The fact that the lockdown has been eased makes it even more necessary to adhere strictly to the safety protocols. 

Here in Finland, the lockdown has been eased and we are in the summer period, yet one can easily observe that many people are staying home. They do not go out if it is not urgent. 


I have read that some MPs, parliamentary staff and journalists who tested positive for the virus were not staying isolated. 

They continue to attend parliament. What? So what is being  done about this situation? Can they be prevented from the place? It is so sad that this is happening in the first place. 

For, if gold rusts what will iron do? If the leaders are not adhering to directives would one be surprised if the ordinary person do the same?


The behaviour of those who are refusing to self-isolate is so disappointing. Yes! 

There is another issue that we need to pay more attention to. 

Please, can government officials, health experts, all our politicians who appear in public always put on the face/nose masks and practise social distancing as they engage others? I don’t say they don’t do it oo; I am only drawing more attention to that situation.

While the practice is to protect them from infection, it will undoubtedly also go a long way to encourage the public to follow their example. 

In that sense, it would give a strong message of leadership by example.


I have also heard that some religious leaders are looking to buy the forehead thermometer for detecting body temperature of their members as they enter the church or religious premises, but they have been unsuccessful. 

I understand the instruments may either not be available or are too expensive. 

Can I suggest that if possible, the authorities should secure the instrument for the religious leaders on a hire purchase basis?

The religious leaders are one of the key stakeholders in the fight against the coronavirus, especially with the ease on religious activities. 


Finally, I urge all of us to help stop the spread by adhering to the directives on safety protocols. 

I have read that ambulances are not showing up when people call the emergency number. This is worrying if it is true. Or, is it that the ambulances are being overwhelmed by the cases? God forbid!

I recently had a chat with a friend who felt that Ghanaians can be difficult people. I think that generally speaking, Ghanaians are not difficult people. 

Our authorities can give all the directives and guidelines but if we don’t follow them our efforts will not go far. 

It is feared that there would be a second wave of the pandemic probably towards the end of the year. It is important we all take precautions seriously. 

We have been provided with the guidelines. The onus lies on us to abide by them and help prevent the spread. Let’s do more. Thank you. 

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