Let’s all support victims of Akosombo and Kpong floods

 Last week, angry residents in Kasoa blocked the highway to express their disapproval of the poor quality of the roads and to call on the authorities to address the issues as soon as possible.

The demonstration caused heavy traffic on the Kasoa-Accra highway with majority of passengers alighting from their vehicles to walk to their destinations.

The demonstrators claim that despite years of heavy motor traffic on a stretch of the highway between Old Barrier and the Kasoa Toll Booth because of the frequent floods, nothing has been done to improve the situation.

Other areas include Atala, Tuuba, Amanfron, Osiadan, SCC, Broadcast­ing among others.

The protesters bemoaned the de­teriorating state of the road and the amount of floodwaters covering it anytime it rains causing silt from the hillside to wash over the road and making driving across it difficult.

Although the road is a significant one that connects to the Central and Western Regions as well as some West African countries, there are many potholes and gullies along it, making the situation extremely dangerous and halting economic activity.

Heavy traffic has been an ev­eryday occurrence for commuters travelling between Accra and Kasoa for business purposes, costing them a lot of time.

Travelling on that stretch of road is extremely difficult due to the unendurable traffic, which is es­pecially bad during peak hours and on Saturdays when people drive to attend funerals, visit their children in school, or attend other events.

In addition, there is constant traffic jam in the Budumburam por­tion due to market activities along the wayside, which is caused by commercial activity on that stretch of road.

It is time to find a lasting solution to this to allow cars to drive freely.

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) needs to act quickly to alle­viate the extreme traffic congestion on the Accra-Kasoa road in order to save the lives of those who use it.

Resolving these road and traffic congestion problems can help to reduce traffic, boost the economy, facilitate travel, and offer respite to residents and commuters.

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