Let’s be extra careful this festive season

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring to the attention of the general public the need to practise personal safety during this festive season.

As Christmas is ap­proaching, I would urge everyone to be extra careful and pay partic­ular attention to their surroundings.

We must be very vigilant and active as robbers, scammers and ritualists will be on the move to attack and steal people’s belongings.

Drivers must drive with caution and adhere to all road safety precau­tions including the regu­lations of traffic lights at various roadsides.

Travellers must also be alert and guard their belongings from thieves and robbers.

We must all make sure to stay safe during this festive season. We must ensure that we spend within our means and try as much as possi­ble to avoid unnecessary borrowing and spending.

I would also urge that we should be cautious about the kind of per­sonal information we give out to strangers and even friends as well as the activities we engage in during this festive season.

We should always ensure that our safety re­mains our major priority in anything we do.

Elizabeth Agyeibea

Ackon, Dzorwulu – Accra

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