Let’s patronise refurbished Accra Museum

Dear Editor,

I am excited about the refurbishment of the National Museum in Accra, and wish to commend authorities in-charge of the facility for the work done so far.  It is refreshing to note that the museum, which appeared abandoned, now attracts thousands of visitors every month.

I have seen pictures of children and adults who visited the gallery recently to experience the arts, creativity and rich heritage of people from diverse backgrounds. I am told the place now meets international standards and that plans are underway to introduce other interesting activities at the centre.

Indeed, we have a rich heritage which can rake in some revenue if we continue to maintain and make places such as the National Museum attractive to the public. Let us patronise and extend a helping hand to managers of the ‘new facility’ as they work harder to attain their objectives.

But, as we aim to attract domestic and foreign revenue, let us not forget that untapped tourist sites in other parts of the country could also help generate income and create jobs.

Mavis Obeng,

Aburi, Eastern Region.

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