Let’s support law enforcers to purge Kasoa of miscreants

In recent times, Kasoa has been reported in the news as a trouble spot and this worrying situation must be urgently addressed.

Anyone who knows Kasoa very well will agree that it is a decent town and its image must not be allowed to be dented.

Kasoa has become a very big town and is peaceful in some areas. However, there are certain suburbs that are full of criminals who must be weeded out.

Some of the crimes are committed by foreigners from other parts of West Africa.

While Ghana is prepared to embrace nationals of neighbouring countries, we need to ensure that criminals are kept away from the Ghanaian society.

This is not to say that the crimes are committed by only foreign nationals. If Ghanaians are involved, they must also be dealt with according to law.

However, the Ghana Immigration Service must be up and doing.

In the same way, landlords must be watchful of the kind of people who come to rent their houses. Tenants of suspicious character must also be reported to the police for action to be taken.

This is how we can all contribute to orderliness, peaceful coexistence and decent living in the area.

The Ghana Police Service is doing very well to keep law and order in the numerous suburbs of Kasoa. In spite of this, crimes are on the ascendancy .

In the view of The Spectator, what the police needs to do now is to step up their intelligence gathering to enable them foresee the intentions of some of the criminals and thwart their efforts.

The Ghana Police is efficient and capable of fighting crime to the letter and it is our belief that they will be able to live up to expectation and bring about peace in the area.

The people dwelling in and around Kasoa must also be security conscious and alert the police on suspicious activities they see with the municipality .

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