Magic Rocker releases two singles, album soon

Magic Rocker releases two singles, album soon

Magic Rocker, a well-known Ghanaian musician based in Chicago (USA), has returned to the music scene with his two singles of the year titled ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Chillaxing’..

The ‘Baby U Are Hot’ hitmaker plans to keep his word and release 15 songs this year to amuse his fans.

Two of his 15 songs which will be out this week are a pop, hip hop, highlife and little dancehall blend, produced by Mr. Sarge, King Jay, and Magic Rocker for Gavali Music.

With the release of his latest singles, Magic Rocker continues to captivate audiences with his powerful messages and soulful melodies.

Credited with several hit songs, he has revolutionised the African music industry by crafting compositions that fuse traditional African music with highlife.His commitment to creative invention has brought him unprecedented acclaim.

His yet-to-be-released songs have a real African beat, lovely vocals, and a clever arrangement that will have listeners listening to them repeatedly.

He declared, “I have decided to release 15 singles this year for my fans before the release of my album,” indicating that 2024 will be a voyage without a way back.

“Everything is set for the release of my new singles onto the music market,” he said, adding that the much-anticipated video will also be available soon.

In addition to singing, he emphasised, “I write my own songs and arrange my own vocals, which is not common in Ghana.”

He looks forward to working with well-known Ghanaian musicians in the future, including Smart Nkansah, Abrantie Amakye Dede, Obuoba J.A. Adofo, and many more.

Magic Rocker, in January this year, released his first single for 2024 titled ‘Baby U Are Hot’ to entertain his fans.

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