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 Dear Editor,

Please permit me through your space to engage the various banks in the country about their op­erations and how their quest to digitalise have left a few of their customers exposed to activities of fraudsters.

I feel that in their bid to fully em­brace Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), a number of their customers have been left behind.

A number of this group are those that are not ICT inclined and peo­ple who are not lucky enough with formal education. These people donot know their way about some of the new trends in ICT.

I came into contact recently with a customer of a bank who had diffi­culties operating a new App he was ‘forced’ to download and use.

According to this ‘yam’ phone user who had to give his son pres­sure to buy him an android phone, so as it were he could browse and handle his bank issues conveniently at home, he has no idea as to how to navigate around this App.

In so doing, he engages people he trust to help him and in the process, he gave out every single detail supposed to be confidential.

The point I am trying to make is that much as we must all embrace technology, there are some people who would definitely be left be­hind, and with such people, there must be a way for the system to take care of them.

Imagine this man had employed the services of someone who is not genuine or trustworthy, the worst could happen to him.

So I want to appeal to the banks that much as they try to introduce some of these measures, there must still be a place for those who want to go about their banking activities the traditional way.

Maxwell Boye,


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