Make Ghana’s stadiums sources of pride, not embarrassment

Make Ghana’s stadiums sources of pride, not embarrassment

The state of Ghana’s sports stadium

 Dear Editor,

In the heart of Accra, on a day when excitement should have filled the air, there was instead a hushed disap­pointment. The Black Stars of Ghana, a symbol of national pride, took to the field for an international friendly with Liberia at the Accra Sports Stadium. But the talk of the town was not about the match or the goals scored; it was about the deplorable state of the pitch.

On that fateful September 12, 2023, there was a down­pour, and the stadium’s field paid the price. The pitch, once very lush and green, had deteriorated into a sorry state, affecting the flow and beauty of the game. A game that should have been a celebration of talent and teamwork was marred by the poor condition of the playing surface.

Adding to the frustration was the recent statement by the former coach of the Black Stars, Claude Le Roy who lamented that, in his two decades of coaching in Africa, Ghana’s pitches were the worst he’s encountered. It is a sad revelation for a nation that prides itself on its footballing prowess.

But this is not just about football; it is about a funda­mental issue – the need for professional facility man­agement. Stadiums like the Accra Sports Stadium should be showcasing excellence, not symbols of neglect. When we prioritise facility man­agement, we invest in the very essence of our national identity.

Imagine a scenario where trained professionals over­see the maintenance of our sports facilities. A team of experts ensuring the pitch is impeccable, the seats are comfortable, and the facili­ties are top-notch. This is not a dream; it is a standard that many nations uphold.

Professional facility man­agers bring efficiency, exper­tise, and a commitment to excellence. They understand the importance of regular maintenance, the value of timely repairs, and the signif­icance of creating a welcom­ing environment for fans and athletes alike.

As we reflect on the disappointment of that rainy September day, let it serve as a wake-up call. Ghana’s stadiums should be sources of pride, not embarrassment.

It is time to invest in the professionals who can turn these venues into world-class facilities. Let us call for the appointment of trained Facil­ity Managers to oversee our stadiums, beginning with the Accra Sports Stadium.

Only then can we ensure that every match, every event, and every visit is an experience of excellence, befitting our nation’s rich sporting heritage.

Prince Botwe, Accra

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