Makeup business picking up- Peacock Studios boss

Makeup business picking up- Peacock Studios boss

Peacock Studios boss, Theodora Oddoye has disclosed that makeup business is gradually taking shape and picking up after the coronavirus restrictions were relaxed in the country.

According to her, makeup artistes are now getting a lot of wedding clients among others to shore up the losses during the partial lockdown.

Speaking to The Spectator, she said, prior to the partial lockdown, she used to get about two to five wedding clients in a month or two, however, the situation changed during the partial lockdown.

Ms Oddoye revealed that the directive from the President, which increased the number of wedding guests from 25 to 100, had improved business for makeup artistes.

She noted that earlier, many brides preferred to go solo, and that those who even had clients had to do the makeup for one person, however, after relaxing the restrictions, some have resorted to using brides maids.

According to her, this had improved their finances, because they have many clients for a single wedding.

 She also said that many clients now preferred home service due to the pandemic, which is a little challenging, but useful considering the situation at hand.

Touching on the safety precaution, she said, together with her apprentices, they use nose mask, gloves, hand sanitisers and thoroughly wash their hands after dealing with every client to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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