Making precious lives safe on our roads

It is becoming clear that despite the numerous appeals to motorists in the country, road crashes and deaths continue to be on the rise, making it unsafe for road users whether as pedestrians or motorists.

It has been pointed out time and again that most of the causes of road accidents are as a result of human errors that could be prevented if motorists show a little more care.

Many a time, motorists get involved in accidents because of speeding, non- observance of traffic rules and being in a hurry to get to their destination in the shortest possible time. This together with impatience on the part of many drivers leads to road accidents.

Some road accidents also occur as a result of drunkenness. Again, there are times drivers have been found not to be conversant with the road signs. All these are contributory factors that should be dealt with.

As much as possible, motorists must be well educated on all these issues so that accidents can be reduced to the barest minimum instead of seeing them increasing year-in year-out.

This is the only way to make precious lives safe on our roads. According to data compiled by Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, it has been revealed that the number of commuters killed in road traffic between January and June this year has risen to 1,454. This has resulted in 27.54 per cent increase in death compared with the number of people killed in the first six months of 2020.

Similarly, 423 pedestrians have also been killed within the same period, indicating that pedestrians killed rose from 305 in 2020 to 423 in the first six months of this year.

All these point to the fact that lives on our roads are not safe. It is, therefore, incumbent on the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) to sit up and be stricter on the drivers on the roads.

Other law enforcement bodies such as the MTTD of the Ghana Police should also be very strict on the application of the road traffic regulations.

Again, while general education on road crashes is important and should be encouraged, our law courts must impose heavy punishments on those who flout traffic regulations.

The Spectator believes that, if these measures are strictly implemented they can go a long way to ensure that the roads are made safe for motorists, pedestrians and other users. The end result will be drastic reduction of injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Lives lost cannot be brought back just as harm caused by way of injuries cannot also be restored to its original form.

The call is, therefore, for everyone to play his/her part to make our roads safer than ever before.

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