Malta Guinness cleans Sakumono Beach to mark 2023 World Cleanup Day

Malta Guinness cleans Sakumono Beach to mark 2023 World Cleanup Day

The clean up exercise ongoing

Malta Guinness, Ghana’s leading non-alcoholic malt beverage, in part­nership with Mckingtorch Afri­ca has undertaken a cleanup exercise at the Sakumono Beach as part of the 2023 World Cleanup Day.

The exercise forms part of the brand’s ongoing commit­ment to create a more inclu­sive and sustainable world.

The exercise also aligns with the brand’s broader objective of minimising the environmental impact of plastic pollution, driving con­versations to spur action to address the issue of plastics pollution, and finding con­crete measures to address it.

Speaking at the cleanup exercise, Dinah Adu-Asare, the Marketing Manager for Malta Guinness said “we are thrilled to participate in this year’s World Cleanup Day and actively take steps toward reducing plastic waste. Our brand’s dedication to pro­moting a sustainable future is deeply rooted in our 10- year ESG action plan to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world dubbed: Spirit of Progress: Society 2030.”

“In line with this, we launched a nationwide plas­tic collection and cleanup campaign in 2022 and so far, we have undertaken this ini­tiative in three communities.

Today’s cleanup exercise takes us a step further to­wards realising our objectives of ensuring a more sustain­able future,” she said.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mckingtorch Africa, Makafui Awuku, highlighted some benefits of the partnership.

“This initiative from Malta Guinness affords us the op­portunity to achieve one of our goals today which is to recycle a lot of plastic waste into reusable material and functional items,” he added.

The event was attended by staff of Guinness Ghana, Ghana Football Association, Ghana Supporters Union, volunteers from Mckingtorch Africa, Volta College Founda­tion, environmental enthu­siasts and a cross-section of the media.

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