Man Jumps into water, opens jaws of an alligator to rescue dog

In a hair-raising video, a man was filmed rescuing his whimpering dog from the jaws of an alligator.

Richard Wilbanks, 74, was filmed running into his backyard pool to save his three-month-old puppy from certain death, according to news reports.

The dramatic rescue was captured on surveillance cameras that were set up in the area through a partnership between the Florida Wildlife Federation and the fStop Foundation.

“We were just out walking by the pond and it came out of the water like a missile. I never thought an alligator could be that fast. It was so quick.” Mr Wilbanks told reporters.

The retiree immediately jumped into water to rescue his pet – named Gunner. He rushed underwater and open the jaws of the gator in order to save the whimpering puppy, saying that trying to open the reptile’s jaws was “extremely hard”.

“The dog had one little puncture wound and my hands were just chewed up,” Mr Wilbanks said.

Several social media users applauded the 74-year-old for his courage and praised him for saving the life of his puppy.


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