Many disappointments worrying

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 25 years old, and working in a mining company. I had four unsuccessful relationships, all of which were at the stage of marriage.

Unfortunately, all the plans were cancelled at the final stages of our preparations which gave me emotional problems.

The grace of God has sustained me all these years and l am grateful. Though l kept hoping against hope after the first three disappointments, it was nearly a disaster when the fourth one happened.

l am afraid to accept proposal for another relationship because of the previous problems. The reason being that l am not prepared to endure any further disappointment.

l wish to remain single in order to keep away from further embarrassment. Should l carry out my intention?

Barbara, Accra.

Dear Barbara,

I sympathise with you for the painful way your relationships have ended. Indeed, every sensible person to go through an experience of this sort must be afraid to enter into another relationship.

 Despite the misfortunes that had befallen you, pick up courage and do not lose hope to infer that the opportunities in life are lost to you forever.

Importantly, try to examine yourself and find out whether you have a problem which is driving your lovers away from you.

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