Many divorces frighten me

Dear Obaa Yaa,

Reading about weddings which took place in the country, and ended up in divorces, send shivers down my spine.             

It beats my imagination why two people who had pledged their love for each other in holy matrimony and in the presence of the church, will after a few months or years forget about the vows they took and seek divorce.

Such shocking incidents do not make one desire to marry in the first place. To some of us, marriage looks like an albatross on one’s neck and becomes difficult to remove.

A divorce case which occurred recently was one which involved a relative of mine. l am referring  to  a couple whose marriage was acclaimed one of the best in my community in recent  times.

The couple had given better meaning to marriage and some people looked up to them as role models in the community. Therefore,   their failure to sustain the marriage had sent bad signals to some of us who are contemplating marriage.  

Ever since l heard about this incident, l have lost interest in marriage and would like to close the chapter on this aspect of my life.

Have l taken the right decision about marriage?

Sylvia, Tema.

Dear Sylvia,

It is always good to make enquiries and this offers you the opportunity to fully comprehend details of things.

Your observation could not be right because you can only infer after empirical evidence had been adduced to establish your assertion. You cannot take a few cases to conclude that majority of the weddings in your area have ended on the rocks, for which reason you should take a stance.

Secondly, one cannot conjecture what might have caused these divorces to take place. 

We are created by God differently, and with unique gifts, and talents which were dispensed by the Giver of all good gifts.

In each of the cases, you would be surprised to discover different reasons which had caused these divorces to take place. So you have to reconsider your decision since two different marriages are not the same.

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