The hopes of people were high when Mr Martin Amidu was appointed to occupy the Office of Special Prosecutor but this, as is now known, did not last for long following his unexpected resignation.

It is very unfortunate that things have gone this way because the fight against corruption or corrupt practices is something that should be detested by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

Corruption has always resulted in the loss of huge sums of money to the state, a situation that makes it impossible for such diverted sums of money to be used for national development for the common good. This is very unfortunate so corruption must be discouraged at all times.

Mr Martin Amidu in his resignation letter pointed out the interference with his work on the part of government, something President Akufo-Addo described as perplexing.

However, information coming out shows that Mr Amidu made too many demands regarding office and other forms of accommodation as well as the personnel to work with and the budget he needed.

Another question that must be answered is, why he kept making demands upon demands for facilities and building to work with. In some cases, after identifying a place for renovation to be used as an office, he turned round almost immediately to refuse his own choice and rather made other new demands.

Whatever it is, it is good that he has tendered in his resignation at this time. The resignation is good because it will give the President an opportunity to appoint a new person to that office to carry on the fight against corruption.

Whoever is appointed to the office of the Special Prosecutor must be willing to work hard so that the people of this country can support him to succeed. There were others who doubted whether Mr Amidu could do the job when he was first appointed, explaining he had a very high temperament and could not easily work with others.

As a nation, we need to work against corruption so the President should keep his calm and look round to appoint a new person who is suitably qualified to occupy that position.

In the view of The Spectator, we need to make corruption as unattractive as possible in this country. This can only come about when we have a reliable or a dependable Special Prosecutor who could be willing to carry through the mandate given him under Act 959.

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