Media literacy ought to be embraced

Media literacy makes understanding of news content very easy and does not pave way for disinformation and misinformation.

Media houses should spread the concept of media literacy on their various platforms for their viewers and readers since some of the media houses and citizens also contribute in spreading fake news.

It is important for everyone to be abreast  of media literacy in order to analyse news content very well and know if it’s from a credible source or has the accurate information before sharing.

 Fake news as a result of media literacy has gone a long way to mislead people and damage reputations of citizens in the country and worldwide. The rate of fake news is increasing, therefore, media houses, government and regulatory bodies should find a strategy to deal with this problem.

Student journalists and media houses inasmuch as want to ride on timeliness as  news values, should check credibility and go over content because failure to do so doesn’t call for the practice of good accountability journalism.

It doesn’t pave way for disputes since right contents are produced and citizens will not have to fight amongst themselves and the media. It calls for critical thinking and a responsibility for us all as citizens.

Christabel Naa Atswei Doku

Level 300 Student at Ghana Institute of journalism.

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