Meet Julia – The 13-year-old whose affection for animals knows no bounds

Meet Julia – The 13-year-old whose affection for animals knows no bounds

• Julia and her pet are company

 She’s known for her absolute love and care for wounded animals. Her name is Julia, a 13-year-old Ghanaian German girl who lives in Krefeld-Germany and currently trend­ing on social media for an encounter with her mum on Facebook live.

Julia is a compassionate girl and is now beloved online due to her love for animals, witty ways with words and always ready to defend her ac­tions.

On December 6 she arrived home from school with a raven in hand. She found the wounded raven on her way back from school and decided to help it. Her mother, who was at home, caught everything and broad­cast it live on Facebook.

The video was then copied by a Tik Toker with username ‘justice_six.’ As he posted it on Tiktok the video blew up. It has now been viewed over a million times and liked over 200,000 times. The encounter shows the contrast between how she sees the world and how her mom sees the world.

Julia, born Julia Nana Ama Serwaa Johannes in Accra on September 26, 2009, to a Ghanaian mother and a German father moved with her family to a small German city called Heilbronn when she was five years old.

Heilbronn is in the wine produc­tion region of Baden-Wurttemberg. It is about 60 kilometres from Stuttgart, home of the famous Mercedes-Benz.

Julia had always had a love for animals. In Ghana she had dogs and birds as pets, however she was never allowed outside the gate of her home to play and roam in her free time because her parents always told her it was dangerous.

Life in this village was idyllic and safe. It was a world so differ­ent from her life in Accra, here the inhabitants did not lock their doors. Wide open space of woodland and vineyards.

Free from the world of bur­glar-proof windows, heavy security door, wire mesh on walls etc, Julia began to explore the beauty of the world around her.

One day while playing in her backyard, she found a wounded bird. Knowing that her mum had a fear of animal she sneaked the bird to her bedroom and kept it in a box.

She then stole food from her mum’s kitchen and nested the bird back to health in about a week.

Her mum however found the bird and told her to let it go. It broke her heart and she cried but she knew it was the right thing to do.

So, she did, but that did not stop her from leaving her heart open to all other creatures she found in the wide-open space of the vineyards regions of Heilbronn. She has since rescued squirrels, hedgehog, and several birds.

A very bright future in veterinary

She is currently looking forward to attending a Veterinary Summer Camp at the university of Maryland in the summer of 2023.

This camp is opened to children between the age of 13-17 who have an interest in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. A go-fund me account has been set up to help her finance this venture.

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