Men urged to appreciate wives

Men urged to appreciate wives

● Pastor Nimako

 The Counselling Director of the Southern Ghana Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, Pastor Nana Kofi Nimako, has urged men to appreciate and value their wives.

That, he said, would reduce cases of divorce and domestic violence in society.

He said, it would also enable them build strong relationships in their marriag­es and foster submission and love.

The Pastor who is also the Public Campus and Adventist Chaplaincy Minister said this at the 2023 annual camp meeting of the Effiduase and New Life District of the S.D.A church.

It was on the theme: “I Will Go: Be His Witness.”

He said women go through a lot of pains during child birth with some losing their lives in the process.

Managing the home and supporting the family, he said, was not an easy task for women, hence the need to be appreciated.

He said that women who go through such process must not be humiliated and asked men to seek God’s transfor­mational power to eschew bad attitude towards women.

Ps Nimako noted that divorce was contrary to God’s original purpose in creating marriage.

He said marriage can rest on principles of love, loyalty, exclusiveness, trust and sup­port upheld by both partners in obedience to God.

He attributed the cause of divorce in Ghana to lack of proper communication skills, lack of conflict resolution skills and marriages premised on lies.

Pastor Nimako noted that churches must organise marriage seminars for its members and added that elders, pastors,home and family life committees in the various churches must also be resourced.

He urged the govern­ment to create guidance and counselling centres at desig­nated places where people can meet experts like the psychologists and counsellors to talk about their marital or relationship issues.

He advised the youth to change their mindset on their desire for quick money and work hard instead to earn a living.

For his part, the President of the East Ghana Conference of the S.D.A Church, Dr. Ps Samuel Bonya Arlo said the purpose of the camp meeting was to put a lot of energy into the missionary work which is mandatory for every S.D.A member.

By Linda Abrefi Wadie

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