Miss Golden Stool Week Three: Animuonyam adjudged Star Performer

Miss Golden Stool Week Three: Animuonyam adjudged Star Performer

Representing the people of Kumawu in the Ashanti Region, Animuonyam was last Sunday, November 19, 2023, adjudged Star performer in week three of the Miss Golden Stool Beauty Pageant.

Week three was dedicated to the history of the various Akan communities the contestants represented. 

As a result, contestants took their time to narrate these historic feats creatively by blending culture and tradition. 

On the night, Animuonyam told the audience the history of the people of Kumawu, how the town started as Apemso, their festival,  difficult moments and triumphs.

She was able to tell the historical relationship between the people of Kumawu and Kumasi, as well as how Kum seed was used to determine the traditional capital of the Asante Kingdom.

Animuonyam said, Okomfo Anokye planted two kum trees in the forest and predicted that one tree would live and become the capital of Ashanti. Hence the name Kumasi (the tree lived); the place in which the other tree was planted became Kumawu (the tree died).

“The kum tree planted at Apemso withered, thus died, Apemso was subsequently referred to as Kumawu (“Kum awu” – Kum has died). That of Kwamang flourished hence Kwamang became known as Kumasi (“Kum asi – under the Kum),” she narrated.

Nana Adwoa Awindor the chief judge on the night announced the Star Performer by saying, “According to the judges and our technical team the best performer is Animuonyam.”

She advised Animuonyam to consider acting because she was able to aptly tell the stories through her amazing display on stage.

The judges on the night were enthused with her articulation and audience engagement to the extent that they clapped for her.

For her reward, Animuonyam received souvenirs from sponsors of the programme.

At the end of week three,  two contestants, Araba and Oseikrom were evicted for lack of votes.

The judges for Week Three were Nana Adwoa Awindor, Agya Brefa and Mary Nyamekye.

Patrons would be thrilled with another exciting display this Sunday on Adom TV at 8:30 PM.

Season 5 of Miss Golden Stool was launched at a spectacular event on October 15, 2023 on Adom TV.

The pageant is aimed at celebrating Ghana’s cultural diversity, beauty, talent, and intelligence of the contestants.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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