Mixed feelings in Russia-Ukraine war

Mixed feelings in Russia-Ukraine war

Dear Editor,

I have been a bit indifferent about the prevailing tension between Russia and Ukraine since I thought their war had nothing to do with us here, in Ghana. I, however, had to revise my stand after I read about the fate of Ghanaian citizens living in Ukraine.

The unwarranted assault on Ukraine had gone a long way to truncate the studies of Ghanaian students pursuing different programmes in that country. Indeed, I would not have been able to deal with such a disruption to my studies if I were in the shoes of these students.

Nonetheless, I congratulate the government of Ghana on evacuating some of the students back to Accra as it plans to rescue other stranded citizens.

But, it is somewhat uncertain whether the students who were yet to complete their studies in Ukraine would be permitted to complete here in Ghana.

I have heard parents of some of the students propose that the medical students from Ukraine should be allowed to complete their studies at the University of Ghana Medical School. I do not know the feasibility of this proposal but I agree there should be some internal arrangements for the students who are now victims of circumstance.

That being said, it is a mixed feeling for me anytime some unplanned events, such as the one in Ukraine, validate why we must develop home-grown solutions across all sectors.

I believe we should be able to build our education, health, security, financial systems, among others to the extent that we may not always have to turn abroad to seek support.

I am not against international collaboration or exchange of expertise but I am convinced that we can make our education system robust and attractive enough for students to study here in Ghana, work and live comfortably without necessarily seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

It is said that the “grass is not greener on the other side; it is greener where you water it.” We must, therefore, take a cue from world events and re-position ourselves and the country appropriately.

Omar Abubakr,

Mamprobi, Accra.

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