MOMO fraud: MTN Ghana to block phones of fraudsters with new technology

MOMO fraud: MTN Ghana to block phones of fraudsters with new technology

The Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at MTN Ghana, Mrs Georgina Asare Fiagbenu has revealed that MTN Ghana would block phones of fraudsters as part of technological strategies to curtail mobile money fraud in the country.

According to her, the strategy was to make fraud expensive and unattractive for them to engage in since they would have to constantly have to buy new phones for their bad practices.

“We are putting in investment in technology that helps us to filter the messages that goes to customers. Also at the industry levels, there is a technology that allows us to be able to block phones that are used for momo fraud and this will make it more expensive for scammers to continue defrauding people,” she said.

Mrs Georgina Asare Fiagbenu was speaking in Koforidua during this year’s media stakeholder forum organised by MTN Ghana for the media in the Eastern region.

The purpose of the forum was to enable media know MTN’s activities, improvement in customer experience, and investment made in the area of the network, products and services.

The forum was also purposed to solicit for feedback from stakeholders to help the company to improve their services in the country and the region.

Mrs Asare Fiagbenu indicated that “unlike in the past where we just block the number, we have the technology to block the phones now. This is because previously, when we block the numbers, these fraudsters go and buy new numbers and register them. However we have decided to rather disable the phones they use as a measure to stop them.”

She stated that one of the major challenges facing the telecommunication company was mobile money (momo) fraud, noting that research conducted into the area has revealed a greater majority of people who fell prey to the fraud was as a result of social engineering.

“People continue to call our customers and tell them all kinds of stories while others push fake SMS to customers to convince them to take an action,” she said and warned customers to be alert and be mindful of their engagements with people they did not know and unfamiliar text messages.

She advised the to cross-check and verify every information while they ensured that money sent was for the intended recipient, adding that MTN officials would only call with the official line which was 0244300000.

She stated that the media has always been a key partner for sharing information with their stakeholders and called on them to continue to support the company to educate customers, engage and direct customers to the right sources of information.

Speaking on their corporate social responsibility, Mrs Asare Fiagbenu revealed that her outfit has made some significant contributions to education, indicating that MTN Foundation has invested 13.5 million in scholarships and the as part of its 25th Anniversary celebration cut sod for the establishment of a US$25 million dollars Ghana ICT Hub which would provide about 1000 employment to young people.

She stated the company would continue to provide more digital access and provide ICT equipment, skills, devices to enable young people to position themselves better for the future

From Ama Tekyiwaa Ampadu Agyeman, Koforidua

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