Mr Julius Osai, philanthropist, businessman extraordinaire

Mr Julius Osai, philanthropist, businessman extraordinaire

There are occasions ordinary things that people do eventually become  examples for  generations to emulate. 

While some had  unknowingly encountered  ‘angels on earth’ and offered assistance  to them in diverse ways, others  on the contrary, acted callously to people without considering their  social standings and never considered their  social standing. 

Mr Julius Osai, a businessman, an extraordinary  philanthropist, and the sole  newspaper vendor  at Kpando, in the Volta Region, and the Managing Director of Josaco Enterprise is committed to assisting  people in need and, this has attracted the attention  of The Spectator.  

It was announced  during a thanksgiving church service at Kpando that Mr Julius Osai looked after a bed-ridden relative for 29 years. He literally gave out money to the immediate family of the sick  on every market day- which meant two times a week- multiplied by 29 years.

At the beginning of the interview, he pleaded with me that  the financial assistance he  had offered  the relative should be expunged  from the profile  to which l had  initially agreed.

Having pondered over the issue,  l explained  to him that it was essential to mention this act of kindness since it could serve as an example for others to emulate.

When asked to dilate  on the sort of assistance he had rendered , he said he considered it  a responsibility  to support the sick relative. He intimated that he occasionally  reviewed the amount he gave out throughout the period, and  ordered his staff to release  the money to the family whenever he travelled. 

The philanthropist disclosed that there were other less-privileged in the society who were also beneficiaries of his magnanimity.

His  late grandfather,  Mr Alfred Osai,  a successful merchant who traded between Lome, Kpalime and Kpando, was one of the first people to be baptised at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Kpando .

Mr John Osai, his father, also of blessed memory, played commendable roles by assisting  all manner of people including  needy-but-brilliant students in the family and those outside his family.


The then young  entrepreneur  joined  the  family business in 1970 and  having been taught the rudiments  of the work by his father, took over the daily  running of the business  while his father played a supervisory role.

Mr Osai  who sells building materials and has a staff of  15 said working as an entrepreneur provided him the opportunity  to deal with different kinds of people.

He took stock of his goods which were sold out by the close of the day to enable him to know the items which were out of stock and needed to be replaced.

The businessman disclosed  that honesty was necessary to keep an entrepreneur in business.  According to him, there were occasions some traders credited goods from suppliers, but  failed to pay as they had promised, and would rather go to different suppliers to transact business with them. 

He said such a behaviour had rendered some people  not trustworthy, leading to the collapse of their  businesses.  

Mr Osai was of the view that  good businessmen and women  were those  financially disciplined, dealt politely with customers, monitored  the market environment, and  provided fast-moving goods for  customers.  

Family traits

It is refreshing  to note that specific  traits which  are easily identified with some families  have literally flowed  through the generations.  

His  late grandfather , Mr Alfred Osai, from whom his father took over the business, was   very instrumental in the building of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church at Kpando. 

Following that line, his father served many years as the treasurer of the church.

And like  his father, Mr Julius Osai also served  on the Parish Pastoral Council as the Treasurer of the church for  eight years. In addition to that, built an  Adoration Chapel for the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church at Kpando.


Passionate about the spiritual growth of the people in the church, he has advised the youth specifically to be honest in their dealings  and eschew  the ‘get rich  quick ‘ attitude.

He explained that many of those in responsible  positions  today had toiled many years to make it in life, and bear in mind that with God  all things were possible.

Mr Osai urged the youth to concentrate on their education, adding that life had  availed them of options  to enable them to decide on which path they want to follow.

“Respect the admonision  of  the elderly, remain submissive to your parents and all in authority, and learn to love and serve God in humility,”

He said it was unfortunate that some customers would not live up to their promises and tried to pull fast one on him.

Family Life

Mr Osai is married to Mrs Peace Petrey Osai and has  five children.

His  current succession plan is  to train a nephew to man the shop when he becomes feeble and tired of work.


For his pastime he takes delight in watching football, listening to cool music and enjoys eating Akple with any palatable soup to accompany it.

By Raymond Kyekye

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