Mum buys gate to keep baby out of kitchen…it doesn’t go as planned

Many parents purchase safety gates to keep their babies and toddlers away from stairs or other potentially dangerous places in the house. Maryland resident Janael Palmer recently bought one to keep her one-year-old out of the kitchen, where he would take snacks and throw veggies around, as children do. Turns out, however, that this flimsy gate was no match for the determined toddler, who simply lifted it up to enter the kitchen, cool as a cucumber.

A hilarious video that has left social media users in splits shows Baby Palmer calmly lifting the gate to enter the kitchen and putting it back in its place. The toddler was then filmed taking a snack, throwing it over the gate meant to keep him out of the kitchen and exiting it by once again lifting the gate up.

Janael Palmer shared the hilarious video on Facebook two days ago, where it has left thousands amused. “Purchased a gate to keep my one year old out of the kitchen from taking snacks and throwing my veggies around the kitchen. Well guess what the joke was on me,” she wrote.

The video has collected 18,000 ‘shares’ and more than 3,000 amused comments since being posted on Facebook. It was also shared on Twitter, where it has again gone viral and left thousands in splits.

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