Mum insists l marry wealthy young man 

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We have been dating over three years now with much progress for which reason we have decided to marry, but my mother is not in favour of this gentleman.

My mother is insisting that l should marry a rich young man instead of my boyfriend. She has gone further to introduce me to her rich friend’s son to make the necessary arrangements for our wedding.

I have told my boyfriend about the latest moves by my mother and he has suggested that we elope together.

Though this plan will take me from my parents as long as l wish, l consider it a great disrespect to them.

Kindly help me out of this problem since l am getting confused.

Adzoa, Accra.

Dear Adzoa,

I am glad you have taken the right decision by writing to this column.

Though children ought to respect their parents and guardians and also seek their advice, there are occasions parents fail to listen to the views of their children before arriving at certain critical decisions they take concerning them. 

You may consider eloping from the town and also the reach of your parents the best option, but should something happen to you tomorrow who will come to your aid? 

Try to explain your position to some senior members of your family who can champion your decision by holding talks with your parents and help in resolving the problem.

No matter the differences, your parents can never be replaced by any other person, hence the need to resolve the issues and promote peace in the family.

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