My bad breath is embarrassing me

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We are in a healthy relationship, both of us are working and if things go as planned, we shall be getting married pretty soon.

Signals from relatives, friends and close associates attest to their endorsement of our relationship.

Despite these positive signs, l have bad breath which could pose problems in my marriage. A couple of months ago, he attempted kissing me but suddenly stopped without assigning any reasons to his action.

He puts on the ceiling fan whenever l visit him and he leaves it on until l leave his place.

What step should l take?

Bernice, Accra.

Dear Bernice,

Bad breath which is also known as halitosis is embarrassing and leaves the victim uncomfortable. Periodontal disease or gum disease, constipation, yeast infections, diet and dry mouth among others are the causes of bad breath.

This is primarily a medical problem which demands that you put aside unnecessary fear and seek the assistance of a specialist  doctor.

There are qualified doctors and certified products available to address your problem.

It is possible your fiancé has kept mute and would not like to embarrass you by commenting about it.

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