My boyfriend wants to commit suicide

 Dear Obaa Yaa

I am deeply in love with a young man for the past four years. Two years ago, he lost his job and he has become worried ever since.

My lover has written ap­plications to many places in search of a new job but he has not received a reply to any of them as of now.

Although my business is booming, I cannot cater for our needs while the monthly bills keep piling up. This is taking a toll on him.

He is depressed because he talks about ending his life to enable me to get another man who will support me financial­ly.

I don’t want to lose him because I love him.

Please what should I do?

Mary, Koforidua.


Dear Mary,

I appreciate the love you have for your lover and the support given him since he lost his job. This is the time you must show him more love and try to condition his mind.

Since the man is the head of the family, he finds himself in an awkward situation where he rather depends on you for his daily sustenance. He will definitely not feel comfortable with the condition in which he finds himself.

Continue to do your best in supporting him and calm him down and tell him things will definitely change for the better one day.

Since your business is booming, why don’t you con­sider expanding it so that the two of you can handle it for more profit? This will affirm the saying that when one door closes another one opens.

Let him understand that it is God who has given him life and he is the only one who has the power to take it back at the appropriate time, so he should not consider suicide as the solution to his problem.

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