My husband disowns pregnancy

We have been married for seven years and blessed with three children. Two years ago, my husband relocated to Kumasi on postings and he occasionally comes back to the family to spend weekends.

When l informed him that l was pregnant, he asked me of the last time l had my period. After this information, he did not show any sign of annoyance and everything went on smoothly until he left for Kumasi.

Four months into my pregnancy, my husband has become angry under the pretext that since he was in Kumasi per his calculations and not physically present with me, he could not have been responsible for the pregnancy.

He said my pregnancy has confirmed reports he had received from some sources of my association with a certain man in our locality.

He asked that l should pack my belongings from the house for good and leave the children with him.

Despite my explanation that l cannot indulge in extra-marital affairs, he does not want to believe what l tell him.

Can l inform my parents about the current development and the next step to take in order to salvage my reputation?

Ama, Tema.

Dear Ama,

It is unfortunate things have changed in your marriage and a serious allegation is being levelled against you at the time you are pregnant.

From the tone of your letter, your husband has kept the information he had received about you without verifying the truth from you, the wife.

This is a case of mistrust which has emerged and could have been resolved easily by employing the tools of patience, tolerance and being frank in your deliberations.  

You have every right to inform your parents who can take this matter up with your husband at their level.

The surest option is to go for a DNA test at the hospital to ascertain the paternity of the child after you have been delivered of the child.

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