My mother and sister do not like my sweetheart

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We were mates and good friends in the university and continued to maintain this cordial relationship till date.

Having expressed mutual love and care for each other in all aspects of our lives, we have decided to seal our love in marriage.

Thank God l had procured a good job, one of the preconditions for a successful marriage, and we have disclosed our marriage plans to our parents and all those who matter.   

Unfortunately, l have lost my father, but my mother and my sister have opposed my decision to marry the lady of my heart.

They have not disclosed to me the reason for their disagreement, but l strongly believe it could be due to a long-standing misunderstanding on tribal lines.

l have gone a step further  to convince my mother to develop a positive mind about people from this particular  tribe, but my efforts had  not yielding  results.

l believe  the situation would have been different if my father were alive.

What step should l take to make them agree?

Frank, Accra.

Dear Frank,

The misunderstanding surrounding your marriage is not an isolated case because it had bedeviled many marriages and would continue to persist.

The advantage you have in this case is the fact that your mother and sister have not identified any shortcoming on the part of your fiancée , which would  have  automatically  rendered  her unsuitable for marriage.

You must intensify your efforts in trying to convince your mother in particular not to depend on long-standing tribal problems to derail your plans in marriage. l think if your mother is convinced, your sister will also change her mind.

Additionally, you can seek the assistance of your uncles to intervene and talk with your mother if things are still getting out of hand.

Such entrenched positions on tribal lines are fast giving way to modern way of thinking.

 l wish you well.

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