My mother is misbehaving

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 26 and I live in the same house with my mother who is becoming annoying. She doesn’t do anything at home and she is not making things easier for me either. She doesn’t give me room to communicate with her. She wakes up, eats her breakfast and leaves for work. 

Lately, she appears to be very forgetful. Many a time, she would leave food on the stove and forget that she has left something there until the food gets burnt. When l complain she insults me.

This behaviour of hers  seems to be getting worse. She has refused to take any advice too. I am worried. Is there anything I can do?

Vivian, Nkawkaw.

Dear Vivian, 

You did not state your mother’s age but it appears she may be entering into another phase of her life. It may not be her fault. About her becoming forgetful, she may be suffering from dementia or other neurological condition. You can help her seek medical attention.

Talk to her on her calm or happy days and don’t react when she does anything that upsets you. Remain vigilant when she leaves anything on fire so that she doesn’t end up burning down the house.

Again, do your best to help her with some tasks, and get closer to her more as she may eventually open up about her challenges.

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