My Sister doesn’t trust me

`Dear Obaa Yaa,

My sister and I have been living together peacefully for a number of years and we do everything togeth­er.

She was my best friend and confidant, but suddenly, everything changed when she saw me conversing and smiling with her boyfriend.

She suspects that I have been going out with him for which reason she is now demanding that l leave her house.

I have explained to her several times about my innocence, yet she would not listen. This means she does not trust me.

I am confused and don’t know what to do, since I have nowhere to go. Please I need your help.

Agnes, Accra.


Dear Agnes,

This is a matter between you and your God, and your conscience will bear you out.

There have been instances when peo­ple developed good and genuine relations with the boyfriends or girlfriends of their relatives. In such instances, sincerity played a significant role in the relation­ship.

Unfortunately, there were other in­stances that people who defied morality, exploited the trust reposed in them and misbehaved.

Some people who are over-jealous so far as issues pertaining to relationship is concerned, have acted without judging matters rightly.

The attitude of your sister suggests she is extremely jealous and does not trust you and her boyfriend. On the contrary, could it be that her action is due to your past behaviour?

The best she could have done was to find out from her boyfriend and interview you to ascertain the truth.

Since you maintain your innocence in this case, inform your parents to enable them to intervene as early as possible.

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