My sister is pregnant for a married man

Dear Obaa Yaa,
My younger sister, 26, is two months pregnant for a married man. The man is rich and responsible and can take care of my sister and the child but he is, at the same time, a close family friend who our parents respect so much.
My confused sister has told me she wants to keep the pregnancy but the man wants her to abort it. I am equally disturbed because our parents must not discover that my sister is pregnant for our family friend else hell would break loose.
Again, the married man responsible for the pregnancy says his family will fall apart if the truth is told. My sister has sought my advice on this but I do not know what to tell her. Please help me to advise her.

Dear Mavis,
This appears to be tough but it can be resolved amicably. But first of all, abortion should not be an option. An innocent soul has nothing to do with an illicit affair between two adults. Your sister should keep the baby and gather the courage to tell your parents what has happened.
There would be initial resentment from your parents but this it would eventually fade away. The married man is only finding an excuse to make your sister abort the baby but she must not allow that to happen.
The ‘family friend’ should be ready to face the consequences of his actions. Perhaps he may convince his wife to allow him marry your sister as a second woman.

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