My sisters disapprove of my girlfriend

Dear Obaa Yaa,

Though we attended different universities, we were good friends and maintained the friendship until we completed school.

Having   known each other for a long time, we got attached to each other and could not resist the idea to marry.

 During the course of our dating, she used to visit me at home and this made it possible for my family to know her better.

On many occasions, she spent some time with my sisters in the house, even on occasions l was not at home, they discovered that she was not a good lady for me to marry.

They complained that she was lazy, would not wash dishes after her meals, failed to tidy up her surroundings among others.   

My sisters added that she was not courteous and lacked manners. l was surprised to hear these complaints from them.

l believe the complaints were genuine because they were happy when l introduced her to the family the first time. What should l do?      

John, Takoradi.

Dear John,

You are fortunate to discover such character traits in your fiancé at this stage before you take any definite decision in your relationship.

That is why the youth are always advised not to indulge in sexual intercourse during dating, since this has the tendency to possibly cloud your reasoning when faced with the challenge to make certain decisions in a relationship.

Since your sisters have failed in helping her to change her behaviour, l don’t know whether your intervention can help in this case. You are being cautioned about the dangers inherent in such a marriage and the possibility to reconsider your decision.

If you are able to change her character to suit your desire, then you can go ahead to marry her.

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