My teacher thinks I am evil

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 16 years old and in Senior High School. I see myself as the unhappi­est person in the world because of the attitude of my teacher.

He has just tagged me as a notori­ous boy and dismisses anything I do as foolish.

I am not a bad person like my teach­er thinks. I have tried many times to let him know I am good but he does not want to listen to me.

I want to stop schooling because this teacher is not encouraging me at all.

Bob R.D.K,



Dear Bob,

I would not encourage you to stop schooling just because your teacher thinks you are bad.

I can imagine how it feels for a teacher to see you as not being a good student and trashing everything you do.

However, giving up on your educa­tion would be a defeatist attitude on your part.

If you know you are a good boy, then continue exhibiting your good quali­ties and one day your good works will advertise themselves so strongly that your teacher will have a completely different opinion about you.

In any case, you should not expect everybody to like you.  

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