Need for Ghana to produce its own COVID-19 vaccine

The challenge facing many countries in the world today is not just the phenomenon of COVID-19 pandemic but how to come out with an effective vaccine that will enable countries to overcome this bitter and frightening challenge which is wiping off substantial portions of humanity from the face of the earth.

It is unfortunate that a time when the world has advanced in science and technology and performing wonders in these areas, we are confronted with a pandemic which is not easy to fight against or eradicate to the discomfort of many people. The world today has been made a sad place to live because of the pandemic and it is becoming increasingly clear that the free lifestyles of mankind can no longer be the same but would have to be modified whether we like it or not.


In view of the challenge facing the world, it has become necessary for countries to think about how to overcome this negative phenomenon which is inappropriately frightening the existence of mankind. There is no doubt, from what we see across the world, that our lifestyles have been changed by the pandemic and that no matter what we do life will still not be the same.

Churches and mosques find it difficult to accept this phenomenon because it is preventing them from their normal congregational worship in such a manner that few people, from fear of death, come to these places of worship to dedicate themselves to the almighty God. Even though dedication to God is important, we all need to take practical steps aimed at ensuring that the COVID-19 safety protocols are carefully and comprehensively observed to make things better than they are now. If these protocols are not observed as expected, the end results will be disastrous for everyone.


While efforts are made to observe all the COVID-19 safety protocols, we also need to ensure that appropriate and effective vaccines are produced to deal with the disease. The production of these vaccines should not depend only on the developed countries that take scientific research more seriously but should be seen as a matter of concern for all countries, whether developed or not.

It is in the light of this that Ghana must also find ways of coming out with its own vaccine to prove to the world that it has the capability to cause wonders to save mankind in the world. This is possible so Ghana must work towards it and tell the rest of the world that it has come of age and deserve to discover such vaccines to save mankind from extinction. If this is done, it will bring glory not only to Ghanaians but to Africa as a whole.

The world is in a way competing feverishly for salvation as far as production of COVID-19 vaccine is concerned in view of the need to make the medicine available to all people to be able to make it accessible to all people as a way of saving precious lives in different parts of the world.

Initially, Ghana organised itself quickly and was able to get some quantities of vaccines to use for the protection of its people. This was due to the dangerous nature of the pandemic which has been able to claim several thousands of lives the world over. Ghana was fortunate to have got some vaccines to vaccinate some of its citizens, having given the first and second jabs to some of its people. After this, however, the other expected vaccines did not come as expected.


This was partly the result of the high demand for the vaccine the world over which made it extremely difficult for adequate supply to be made available to people in various parts of the world. India which was producing the vaccine was caught unawares by the pandemic losing thousands and thousands of some of its own citizens as a result, the vaccines they produced was kept saving their own people first before thinking of exporting them to other parts of the world including Ghana.

This together with numerous competing demands from various countries in different parts of the world made it extremely difficult for the restoration of supplies of the COVID-19 vaccines to continue the good job the government of Ghana was able to do and help prevent needless deaths in the country.


As at now, the country is still struggling to get some of the vaccines for the rest of its people.In view of this unpleasant development, Ghana cannot continue to rely on foreigners for the supply of the vaccines. If this is the case, then things must be put together, as a matter of urgency, to organise pharmaceuticals in Ghana and encourage them to produce the vaccines to fight the pandemic which, we all agree, is a real threat and tussle in the lives of mankind the world over.

If Ghana, can manufacture its own COVID-19 vaccines, and we believe it can, it will be possible to vaccinate everybody in the country and when this happens, each person will feel safe and adequately protected. Again, producing countries will not be able to continue with their bluff or expect some of the countries to beg them before making the vaccines available.It would also make Ghana stand out both in honour and boldness to tell the world that it has come of age.


It is in the light of this that Ghana must do all it can to ensure that all brains are put together to make the local manufacture of the vaccines possible. This can be done so we need to work towards it. It has, therefore, become necessary to think about this issue in a more positive manner. It is for this reason that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said that the global shortage of Coronavirus vaccines means that Ghana must develop its capacity to produce its own vaccines domestically and reduce the dependence on foreign supplies.

The President added that Ghana must be self-sufficient in this regard in the future. He also stated that the country ought to prepare better to deal with any such occurrences. To this end, he announced during his 26th Coronavirus address to the nation on Sunday, July 25 that the Committee established under Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng has submitted its report.Prof.  Kwabena Frimpong Boateng is a world-renowned Ghanaian scientist who was charged by President Akufo-Addo to investigate Ghana’s potential as a vaccine manufacturing hub, to meet national and regional needs.


The presented report by Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng’s committee has recommended the establishment of a National Vaccine Institute to spearhead this development.This a positive development that must be vigorously pursued so that the common national agenda of being able to produce the COVID-19 vaccine for Ghana can be realisable within the shortest possible time.This is possible so Ghana must pursue this national agenda with all the might and vigour that it has.

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