Nelly & Friends Foundation donates to Street Academy

Nelly & Friends Foundation donates to Street Academy

Ataa Lartey (right) interacting with the donors

The Nelly and Friends Foundation, a non-profit organisation has donated food items to the pupils of the Street Academy School.

The items were bags of rice, cooking oil, bags of sachet water, bottled water, packs of soft drinks, tooth­brushes, toothpastes, sets of pens, pencils, sharpeners and eraser, exercise books, and packs of toilet rolls, among others.

Speaking to The Spectator, the leader of the foundation, Miss Shamsia Fiator, said the vision of the foundation was to reach out to the poor, under­privileged persons and orphans in the society.

She said it was important to continue to support children so as to make the world a better place, adding that “children are a blessing and are also the future leaders of the nation.”

She stated that there was the need to support underpriv­ileged children like pupils of Street Academy and put smiles on their faces.

She appealed to parents to take care of their children and love them.

Ms Fiator, therefore, urged parents to invest in the education of their wards and cautioned them to stop purchasing items which would not benefit their chil­dren.

A member of the foun­dation, Ms Nelly Quarco­pome said the founda­tion’s core mandate was to take care of street children and orphans, to make their lives better.

She called on Ghana­ians to join hands with the foundation to allevi­ate the suffering of some children who were in need.

The Chief Executive Offi­cer (CEO) of Street Academy, Ataa Lartey, thanked the foundation for supporting the academy and appealed to other organisations and pri­vate individuals to emulate the gesture.

 By Spectator Reporter

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