NPP: Listen to foot soldiers

The year, 2024, seems to be very far away but for many political ‘animals’ in Ghana, that year, lives with us now.

Consequently, many political activists have started doing some “huhudious” analyses and predictions as to what will befall the year, 2024.

A number of social media platforms are also recording numerous issues of discontent regarding the two main political parties in the country all geared towards the year, 2024.

On the social media, one mantra that stands out among the NPPists, is: ‘Break the 8’.

And what is the meaning of ‘Break the 8’? The contention is that since the 1992 Constitution came into force, the two main political parties in the country, NPP/NDC, have been alternating, ruling the country every eight years.

In effect, the fact of the matter is that when NDC wins power, it rules the country for eight straight years before it loses it to the NPP.

And when the NPP also wins general election, it governs the country for eight continuous years before it loses elections and hands over power to the NDC.

Even though general election is held every four years in Ghana, the pattern of victory and governorship of the country seem to be set in eight continuous years for each of Ghana’s two main political parties.

So far, there has not been any ‘break’ or interruption in the seemingly set pattern.

Readers, the NPPists, say they want to ‘Break the 8’. That is, when President Akufo-Addo exits power in 2024, after serving his two constitutional terms of eight years, an NPP administration must succeed the Akufo-Addo-led government not an NDC administration.

Interestingly, some NPP loyalists do not even believe in the ‘Break the 8’ mantra. And the social media is awash with such disbelief.

One NPP Concerned Youth Group of Tamale claims that the leadership of the party must know that they are foot soldiers not ‘foolish’ soldiers.

According to the group, the NPP leadership at both the party and governmental levels think that they are ‘foolish’ soldiers, “but they must be reminded that we are rather foot soldiers”.

The NPP Concerned Youth Group says: “You remember us during elections and abandon us when elections are over. You treat us as if we are only election winning machines.

“The grassroots continue to cry louder and louder, yet no one from the top seems to be hearing our cry.

“If the current situation continues till 2024, even if we present an angel as our presidential candidate, he will be miserably defeated.

“Turn your attention to the grassroots, supporters and foot soldiers. The party cannot ‘Break the 8’ without them.”

According to the group: “Majority of job opportunities under the Akufo-Addo-led government went to our opponents and when we talk, some people in our own democratic government will tell us that those given such opportunities are also Ghanaians.

“As if we were not Ghanaians when we were denied jobs under the past NDC governments.”

The group says: “We sell jobs and scholarships to our own suffering supporters yet we expect them to help ‘Break the 8’, adding that, “we sell contracts to known party contractors and expect them to help ‘Break the 8’. “

Incensed, the group, says “forget about those on social media shouting at the top of their voices; ‘Break the 8’. They have no idea what it will take to ‘Break the 8’.

” ‘Breaking the 8’ is not a child’s play as they think. In 2008, our party failed to ‘Break the 8’ because our grassroot supporters were dissatisfied, even though they got better treatment then, than now.”

Another NPP group, calling itself Grassroots For 2024 Votes, says the party and government must listen to them and act accordingly.

The group says: “The free-SHS policy has benefited almost every Ghanaian home but those who are still benefitting the more, are the NDC grassroot supporters.”

The group is, therefore, urging the NPP administration to design and implement a special policy vehicle that will benefit only NPP grassroot supporters before the 2024 elections, otherwise, they claim, they will just refuse to vote.

“Why must we campaign and vote for our party to win power and allow supporters of our political opponents to enjoy more of the political low hanging fruits than us?”, the group asked, contending that the NDC led governments never offered them such opportunities.

Some former NPP administration appointees and Members of Parliament are also not enthused at all with President Akufo-Addo himself. They said they contributed immensely to the victory of the party.

They claim that the President promised offering them appointments in his administration at different levels but failed woefully to do so.

They contend that while the President has not fulfilled his promise of appointing some of them, they can for example, see one family of; a husband, wife, daughter, son, sister, brother, father, mother and in-law; being appointed at different levels of governance.

Asked whether such a query should not be coming from the opposition instead? They said, “truth is truth, besides, getting access to the President now is a difficult enterprise.”

So, Mr President of the Republic and the leadership of the NPP; over to you now.

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