Obvious signs that she likes you more than a friend (II)

Obvious signs that she likes you more than a friend (II)

Constant eye contact
Eye contact is another sign. If she stares at you or glancing at you, it is a sign that you are in good company. The eyes are always truthful. You will be more than just a friend to a girl. When you look at other girls, you can see a unique glow in their eyes that is not available to others. Her eyes will be deep and meaningful. These gestures and signs are a sign that the girl is secretly interested in you, more than a friend.
You are not referred to “as a friend”
Sometimes the way someone talks about another person can reflect how they feel about them. A girl talking about a male friend but not calling him a friend is an indication that he is more than just a friend. Is your female friend referring to you as a “close friend”, or “special friend?” This is a sign that your female friend wants to be more than just a friend.
You will be told that she is single
If your female friend mentions casually that she is not in a relationship with anyone, this could indicate that she is interested in you. This is her way to tell you she wants to be in a relationship with you, but not to date other men. She wants to let you know that she is open to a relationship, and may want you to ask her out.
Secretly, she follows you because she wants to be more than just a friend
People can do crazy things for someone they love. This includes secretly following them around. You could simply go to their usual places. Sometimes, it can even escalate to stalking. Are you a frequent shopper for your female friend? This could indicate that your female friend is secretly looking to be more than just a friend.
Expressing what they feel through body language
Everything is communicated through body language. Eye contact is a common way to express feelings without speaking a word. You will notice changes in a girl’s body language if she is with someone she knows more than her friend. You can see if she is secretly interested in you by her body language. Your friend’s body language could indicate if she wants to be in a relationship with you.
One of the most obvious signs is envy.
This classic is a must-have for any list. Is a girl trying to make you jealous? Do you think she is trying to make you jealous by hanging out with other men? If she wants you to notice her, a girl may do this. This trick is used to see if you have romantic feelings for her. You can tell if she does this that you are more than just a friend.
You are more than just a friend to her when she needs you.
It is a clear sign that she loves you more than a friend by always wanting to be with you. She looks for you whenever she’s sad, upset, unhappy, or troubled. You are her confidant. She relies on you to support her, motivate and make her smile when she’s feeling down. It’s not just a sign that she loves you more than a friend. This also indicates that she trusts in you.
She wants to be more than just a friend by talking a lot about her.
You can observe a friend find out if they like you more than you. You’ll be able to see a few clues in her actions. You can see how she speaks about you to others. She will talk about you if you are always on her mind. She will always have something positive to say about your character. Sometimes her friends might even become annoyed by the constant positive comments she makes about you. What does it mean that she cannot get rid of you? This can only be a sign that you are more to her than a friend.

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