Octopus vegetable sauce

Octopus vegetable sauce

• Octopus sauce


• 1 medium sized fresh octopus

• Vegetables (carrot, bell pepper [green, red orange, yellow], chili pepper, cucumber, onions)

• 5 tablespoonfuls of oil

• Salt

• Corn flour

• Spices (according to preference)

• Soy sauce

• 1 cup of water


1. Thoroughly wash octopus and cut into sizeable pieces.

2. Season and put octopus in a refrigerator for about five minutes.

3. Wash and cut vegetables.

4. Add chili to seasoned octopus and sauté for about five minutes.

5. Add ¼ cup of water to sautéed octopus and leave to simmer for 2 to 3 minutes

6. Mix two tablespoonfuls of corn flour with water, add enough water to get a thinner mixture

7. Add one tablespoonful of soy sauce to corn flour mixture

8. Add corn flour mixture to simmering octopus.

9. Add salt to taste.

10. Add a little water if sauce is too thick.

11. Add chopped carrot to sauce and let it simmer for about one minute and add the remaining vegetables.

12. Leave to simmer for two minutes.

13. Serve with rice or preferred accom­paniment.

By Josephine Nyorkor Ntreh

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