Old Ghanaian meal

Old Ghanaian meal

When a non- Ghanaian  comes on a tour and asks for our local dishes, one will not hesitate to mention the likes of fufu, banku,  waakye, aprapransa, ‘gari foto’ and ‘mpotompoto.’

These could be the dishes we are familiar with. What of the very ones which  names are barely mentioned?

They are as follows:

Abekatekonto: It is a combination of three local soups – palm nut soup ‘Ab3’, groundnut soup ‘Kate’ and ‘Kontomire soup’. This soup combination is best served with ‘omutuo’ (rice balls), banku or gari.

Brodokuno: It is prepared with a mixture of ripe and unripe plantain this meal is best served in neat plantain leaves with palm nut soup.

Wasawasa: Wasawasa is a popular staple made from yam in some parts of northern Ghana.
It is served with sheabutter oil and onions. It is delicacy for the people of the northern region.

Yumbeka: This is not a foreign name. It is a local dish made out of bean leaves best known for its nutritious contents.

Kwankwan:  The name of this dish was coined out of the noise food vendors make whenever they serve their buyers. It is similar to the best known waakye but made from local rice and served with a spicy tomato sauce.

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